Zero Project Practices Final Vote 2020 Information Sheet

The Zero Project 2020 Innovative Practices

This year, we are focusing on the topic of Education; seeking innovative practices and policies for the 2020 Conference and Report. For more details on the topic please visit our YouTube video.

The Shortlist

After an initial round of voting from selected partners, we have created a shortlist of 152 Innovative Practices and 21 Innovative Policies. It is these practices and policies that will go to the final vote. We need to cut this down to just over half, which is where our global network of experts come in.

Logging in to the platform

Voting is done through an online nomination platform.
For new users – We have sent you your login details by email
For current users (e.g. if you registered to make a nomination) – Your login details remain the same as when you signed up.
If you have any problems logging in or need your password reset, please contact

Accessing the nominations

We have split the nominations into 13 groups, each containing a maximum of 13 nominations that have been assigned randomly to the groups. When logging in to the database, if you are a new user, you will be asked to complete your profile and save, before proceeding to the nominations. For registered users, when you log in, you will need to click on “Jury” in the top left corner to proceed to the voting.

Voting on the nominations

You will see a list of nominations. When you click on one, you will see the nomination form, which includes questions and the application answers. You can choose which projects in the group you wish to vote on. You can choose depending on your expertise either by topic, by region, or by those that you find more interesting. We recommend reviewing around 8 nominations. If you can review them all this would be incredibly helpful to us!

Please read the nomination carefully, taking into account our selection criteria of:
• Innovation: Innovative Practices of the Zero Project should have developed a new approach, at least for the context they are working in.
• Measurable outcome, impact and effectiveness: Innovative Practices should have a measurable effect on improved accessibility for persons with disabilities.
• Transferability and scalability: Innovative Practices should offer the possibility to multiply, enlarge, copy or transfer the practice.

Once you have read the nomination, you will have the option to “Evaluate this Product”. You will be asked to give just ONE SIMPLE SCORE, against the question of “Should this Policy/Practice be selected for the Zero Project 2020?”. The scoring system is from 1 (Strong No) to 6 (Strong Yes). We also would appreciate comments on the nomination.

Do not vote on projects you are involved in. There is an option to click “conflict of interest” on each application.

By voting on the projects, we will be very pleased to include your name in the Zero Project report as a contributor and part of the Zero Project network. Please let us know if you do not wish your name to be included in the report.

If you need an accessible word version of the voting, or if you have any questions please contact