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How we get from theory to practice?

Did you know that our Indicator Questionnaire of 2014-2015 collected answers from 150 countries whether a person with disability has the right to receive free and compulsory primary education within the mainstream educational system?

One of the answers was provided by Magdalena Kern, Light for the World, Austria. She said that: “While in theory all children have the right to access mainstream education, in practice the trend still goes to separate schooling. The majority of schools are not inclusive and there is strong resistance, especially from the ‘Länder’ – the Austrian provinces, to abolish special schools and enable inclusive education everywhere.”

This shows that our research this year on Inclusive Education and/or ICT is very timely – innovation is needed to make inclusive education a reality, to put the theory into practice! You know of someone doing good work?

Then consider to nominate the outstanding practice or policy that we should highlight!! You can find more information and all documents in six UN languages at:



Fighting the non-take-up of social rights: Innovative Policy 2015 at Conference in Marseille

Today the European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network (ELISAN) is holding a conference in Marseille with a focus on “Fighting the non-take-up of social rights: a European challenge”. Mr Raymond Remakel, representing our Innovative Policy 2015 from Luxembourg, will be there and participate in the debate following the roundtable “The non-take up and the access to rights”.

The format of the conference is solutions-oriented: after hearing an expert’s perspective, the focus will be on best policies and practices from various cities and regions. The expected outcomes are good advice and ideas for measures that could be implemented immediately by local representatives, in order to improve the access of social rights for all.

The event takes place on Friday 3rd July 2015, from 2-5pm, in the Auditorium du Musée d’Histoire de Marseille, France.

See the programme: flyer programme conférence

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Zero Project 2016 Nomination form & instructions are now available in all UN languages, plus German & Italian

The Zero Project Team is proud to announce that by the end of today you will be able to find the relevant documentation of our 2016 Call for Nominations in all six UN languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French), plus German and Italian, in our Download section:


Not even the UN is as fast as we are  😎


Do you know about an outstanding practice or policy?

Then nominate it!


Submitting a nomination is easy: Read the instructions, complete the nomination form and then send the completed form to Ms Doris Neuwirth via email: by July 10, 2015 (23:59 CET).


We are looking forward to receive your nomination!

Your Zero Project Team and Partners

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Zero Project launches call for nominations on Inclusive education and/or ICTs

Education is the fundamental process by which societies transmit their accumulated information and knowledge, in which Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play an increasingly important role.

Hence, the Zero Project 2016 is focusing on Inclusive education and/or ICTs, and our call for nominating innovative practices and policies has just been launched!

  • Any type of inclusive education project or policy can be nominated, from any field of education (formal, non-formal and informal) and any level of education (early childhood care and education; primary, secondary and tertiary education; vocational training; adult education and lifelong learning), including those innovations that facilitate the transition from segregation and integration to inclusion.
  • As well, any possible type of ICT can be nominated, such as: apps, software, websites and the internet in general, computers, telephony, ATMs, maps, television, voting machines, electronic kiosks, public displays, or consumer devices with digital interfaces.

You know about an outstanding practice or policy? Nominate it!

Submitting a nomination is easy: Read the instructions, complete the nomination form (available in other languages by June 26th) and then send the nomination form to: by July 10, 2015 (23:59 CET).

We are looking forward to receive your nomination!

The Zero Project Team and Partners



New York, New York, New York

More than 750 participants attended last week the 8th session of the Conference of States Parties (CoSP) to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in New York – we did too!

From our side Dr Michael Fembek (Head), Wilfried Kainz (Coordinator) and Tom Butcher (NY representative) were attending.


What is so special about the “CoSP”?

Well, it is a very unique gathering organized by UN DESA which gathers an unprecedented amount of disability experts from all around the world – from UN to NGO and foundation representatives, from academics to politicians and parliamentarians, from diplomats to business representatives and consultants – the event is open to anyone.

Read more

Projekt Transformace

Tomorrow one of our Innovative Policies 2015 will be presented at a conference of the Czech Ministry

Maths Jesperson will speak about the Swedish psychiatric reform and present the Innovative Policy “Personal Ombudsmen System” at a conference organized by the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. At the conference, experiences on the transformation of social services in the Czech Republic and abroad will be shared and discussed. The event will take place on 16th June 2015, in Stod.

See also the Video about the Personal Ombudsman System


Here is the conference programm: Transformation of social service CONFERENCE PROGRAMME



Mr Fembek at COSP8

Disability and Development: Dr. Michael Fembek spoke @UNHQ in NY

Organized by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) of the United Nations Secretariat, this Forum on Disability and Development will take stock of what has been achieved in advancing disability-inclusive development. At the forum’s second round table on Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Development, Dr. Michael Fembek, Head of Zero Project, joined prominent panellists, including for example Ms. Yamina Djacta, UN Habitat; Mr. Indrajit Banerjee, UNESCO; Mr. Yasunobu Ishii, The Nippon Foundation as well as Mr. Javed Abidi, Disabled People’s International. The event was held on 12th June, in Conference Room 4 (UN HQ).

More information:


UN Headquarter New York

The Zero Project speaks today at two events in New York!

In this moment, the 8th session of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD, one of the world’s largest international disability community gatherings, takes place at UN Headquarters in New York! On Monday, the Zero Project Team has safely arrived and we already participated in GAATES Forum on Accessibility and Education.


The right to live independently

Today Dr. Michael Fembek, Head of Zero Project, will join as panelist a side event that aims at raising awareness on the right of persons with disabilities to live independently. In particular, it will discuss independent living models, propose new social protection policies for persons with disabilities, share best practices and concrete examples as well as discuss the remaining challenges of the UN CRPD implementation. Organized by Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Permanent Mission of Italy – in partnership with the Permanent Missions of Austria, Brazil, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, International Disability Alliance and Disabled People’s International -, the event is moderated by Mr. Facundo Chavez Penillas from the OHCHR, the event is being held on 10th June from 10.00 to 11.30 a.m. (EDT), in Conference Room 12 (UN HQ, Secretariat Building). Find out more about the event here:
Concept Paper on Independent Living


Employment and Accessibility

As well, Wilfried Kainz, coordinator of the project, will present the Zero Project at the side event on “Arab Youth with Disabilities and Opportunities of Empowerment and Inclusion: Case Studies on Employment and Accessibility”. The Zero Project is co-sponsoring the event – along with UN DESA, the Permanent Missions of the United Arab Emirates, the State of Palestine and Egypt, as well as Disabled People’s International. The side event will bring, in addition to expert panelists, a group of young Arab women and men with disabilities for the first time to the United Nations. Panelists include amongst others Mr. Javed Abidi – Global Chairperson of the Disabled People’s International (DPI) and Mr. Mohammed Ali Loutfy – DPI Arab Region Executive Director. Join him today at 10am, in Conference Room 3.

Find out more about both events at: Programm Overcoming barriers to live Independent Living


Find further details to this events:


UN Headquarter New York

UN disability summit (CoSP8): Four events feature the Zero Project

The world’s largest international disability community gathering held at the UN Headquarters kicks off this week and the Zero Project team has safely arrived yesterday.

From 8-12 June 2015 the 8th session of the Conference of States Parties (CoSP) to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is taking place in New York. We will presents our work at a total of four different events. Read more about them in our most recent press release available under:

COSP8_Invitation Header

Join our today’s Forum on “Accessibility and Education” @UNHQ in NY!

From 9-11 June 2015, one of the world’s largest international disability community gatherings is being held at UN Headquarters in New York: the 8th session of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD. The Zero Project Team is on its way to this important event!

In the uprun of the conference, the Zero Project, UNICEF, UN DESA and the Gulf Disability Society, are co-sponsoring today’s GAATES forum on “Accessibility and Education: Challenges and Solutions”.

The forum will discuss key indicators of accessibility in the UN CPRD and of accessibility in educational environments, including the built environment, assistive devices and technologies, and accessible learning materials. Mr. Tom Butcher, Zero Project NY representative, will be joining high-level panelists, including, among others, Mr. Mukhtar Al-Shibani – GAATES President (Opening Remarks) and Mr. Gopal Mitra / Ms. Rosangela Berman Bieler – UNICEF.

If you wanna follow the event, you can do this by checking out the Live Webcast provided by Gaates. The Livestream will start at 3 pm EDT or 21:00 Uhr CEST.

Live webcast: